How To Buy & Sell Splinterlands Cards on the Market!

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Hi everyone!I am here on Splinterlands showing new players how easy it is to buy and sell your Splinterlands cards! There are many places you can buy and sell your cards at. You will want to use HIVE Keychain created by Co-Founder Matt Rosen (yabapmatt). You can buy or sell them straight from the Splinterlands market, you can use as they give you 3% cash back for every card purchased! You can also use and bid or rent cards too! When you sell a card you will see the DEC in your account. There is a place to see your recent market activity so you will know which card sold and for how much. You can also sell your cards in the Splinterlands Discord buy and sell channel. I advise against this unless you know the person as it is not as safe. There have been times when people were scammed. I always use so I can get my cashback, lol! You can also buy cards at or transfer to Wax and sell them there.
This is why I love this game as you might be opening up a pack and get a really nice, expensive gold card and you may want to sell it to buy other cards you need. If you are a new player with a budget, it's best to buy the exact cards you need off the market. What cards will you need for lower leagues? There are lots of helpful posts in the strat chat channel in Discord. Check out this great post HEREby the #1 player, jacekw with the win ratios of cards in every league! A tank that heals is also a nice choice for lower leagues. I hope you all have as much fun as I do shopping on the market! I found a pretty nice legendary deal in this video, there are some great deals out there to find! I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday on Splinterlands! I am heading off to go battle in a tournament, wish me luck! ~@clove71

  • Use Coinbase to buy Crypto HERE

  • Use Leo Dex to buy cheap packs and DEC HERE

  • At @monstermarket You Receive 3% Cashback on all card purchases! HERE

  • Check out all their features like the packs and rewards analyzer HERE.
  • View rewards cards going out of print, get your season report card and view cards by league cap by the great @kiokizz who is @splinterstats HERE please show him some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands posts!

  • Want to view Splinterlands stats? Check out @rafalski and his awesome Splinterlands stats HERE and make sure to show some Monster love on his recent Splinterlands post!

  • Want to rent Splinterlands cards for cheap? Check out @peakmonsters today HERE and all of their extra features!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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