Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - The skill of Twisted Jester 🤡 !!

Hello Hivers 🖤

We are in a new week, so it's time for a new challenge called by @splinterlands. I was very excited and surprised when I saw what cards we must use in battle to fulfill the challenge, this is because it is the Death Splinter, which is my best card deck, besides that it can not miss in any of my alignments the "Twisted Jester" its speed and the fact that it has a chance to avoid attacks is incredible and very helpful, so it is essential for my team.

This card is great, on the battlefield it has helped me a lot, for that reason I feel identified with it, its ability to "Spine" has always allowed me to undermine my opponent's lineup in many opportunities, since it directly attacks those who have magical attacks and rank, weakening my opponent's team.


Here I will share with you my battle, where with only 12 mana, I had to adjust my lineup well to be able to take full advantage of their skills and defeat my opponent even when speed was the key point, the slowest attack first and my cards were fast haha

Am I a rebel? Or did I trust my letters? I believe more that I trusted haha and won!



  • Mana 12
  • Reverse Speed Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
  • Lost Magic Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.



176 Copy of X04  Wizard.png

Zintar Mortalis

The summoner I chose for this battle, the reason is because his ability to reduce the melee attack by 1 point would help me greatly in case my opponent decides to use a tank with great attack power, it would allow me to decrease his strength so I could have more time, so my "Twisted Jester" can attack.

Haunted Spirit.png

Haunted Spirit

My tank for this battle is undoubtedly this card, this is because as the battle is a very low "Mana", just "12"; and its ability to recover, would allow it to have more time to attack my range thrower "The Twisted Jester". Also the rest of his skills at level 7, allow him to decrease the magic attack damage and also reflect the same, in that sense this is the best tank for battles like this..

Furious Chicken.png

Furious Chicken

My card in the second position, its place in my strategy is to serve as an additional card for my opponent to attack, so that if my tank is defeated (Haunted Spirit), it would at least give my "Twisted Jester" one more chance to attack and win the battle.

Twisted Jester.png

Twisted Jester

To finish my line-up, there is my Jester as the most important rear attack card of my strategy, with its "Spine and Dodge" abilities, this card is excellent attacking from distance and the probability that my opponent will succeed in hitting me an attack is reduced, which would result in it having more slack to attack and destroy my opponent.


My strategy worked very well, although my opponent thought the same way as I did at that time, however, my cards have a higher level, so the skills and attributes of my monsters were higher, as well as the melee attack of my tank, its speed and skills, as well as my Jester, which has more speed, life and an additional skill that would give me an advantage on the battlefield.

Next time I could use my "Twisted Jester" in different battle rules, in order to adapt myself much more to a scope of more possibilities of success trying many possible combinations in different rules, this way I could take full advantage of my strongest deck which is the Death Splinter.

Battle 1.png

Of course, if I use it often, since the Death Splinter is my favorite and has allowed me to advance in the leagues, plus as I said, is my strongest deck, so to a large extent I have adapted very well to this Splinter and will continue to use and improve my strategies to win as many battles as possible to be at the

I hope you will like my entry in this challenge and more players will join every week to these incredible challenges. Personally I LOVE it, it allows me to know more about my cards and how to get the best out of them and that I have a lot of fun doing them every week.



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