Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - The incredible Armorsmith

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We are in another weekly challenge sponsored by @splinterlands, where every week we must share a battle using a certain card and highlight their skills on the battlefield, for this reason I invite everyone to participate in all these initiatives of this incredible game and win some votes.

Now, the card called "Armorsmith", seems to me an excellent card, essential for any strategy used with the Life Splinter. Its ability to repair armor is really cool, very similar to the skill called "Tank Heal", with the difference that it repairs the armor of all the monsters in the team that have suffered the most damage during the battle, so it can be really hard to lose with a good formation that contains this card and more knowing that the Life Splinter stands out for healing, reviving and repairing his team I LOVE it.


This was a really good battle, because I like and understand these rules perfectly, and my card skills helped me a lot, even though my opponent presented cards of a higher level than mine.

The Rule Set


  • Mana 38
  • Super Sneak All Melee attack Monsters have the Sneak ability.
  • Lost Magic Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles.

Here my battle...

My alignment

176  Legendary White Summoner.png

The Peakrider

This is a legendary summoner from the BETA edition "The Peakrider" taking advantage of the fact that it grants 3 shield points and decreases the attack range of my opponent's cards by 1 point. One of the rules of the battle is "Super Sneak", this way all my monsters could withstand the attack of his cards thanks to the shield granted.

Baby Unicorn.png

Baby Unicorn

I chose this one to take the first position, which will serve me as a tank to be able to withstand my opponent's frontal attacks, in addition to this, it grants 1 point more of life thanks to its ability "Strengthen", so with 3 points more of shield it will be able to withstand more rounds while the rest of my team attacks its formation.

SilverShield Knight.png

Silvershield Knight

In second position is this excellent card, which has a great speed and gives thanks to his skill "Inspire" 1 point more of melee attack to all my monsters, having more attack power to be able to do a great damage to his cards in the last position.

Globin Mech.png

Globin Mech

One of my favorite cards is without a doubt the "Globin Mech", despite being a common card, it is very useful for high mana battles, this way with its high attack power, its "Piercing" skill, which pierces the shield of the enemy monsters and its great shield defense with 5 points plus the 3 granted by my summoner, give it a total of 8, being a very difficult card to beat and lethal in attack.

Silvershield Assassing.png

Silvershield Assassin

My fourth monster, another of my favorite cards and especially for this kind of rules, because it has an ability that I like a lot, which is "Double Strike", this allows to attack twice in one round, so it is really useful causing double the damage, also thanks to my "Silvershield Knight" and his ability "Inspire", gives my Assassin 1 point more attack so my attack is even greater.



The most important card in my lineup, is the card that recovers the protective shield of all my cards and thanks to my "Peakrider", all my cards got 3 more points of shield, so it's an essential part of my strategy, because even though most of my cards are level 1 and my opponent's are higher level, he still didn't have a chance since he correctly exploited every aspect of the battle rules and the abilities of my monsters.

Silvershield paladin.png

Silvershield Paladin

The last card of my lineup, usually my "paladin" used it as a tank, however, thanks to the rule of "Super Sneak", where all the monsters from melee get the ability to attack the card in the last position, it is strategically perfect on the card, thanks to its ability of "Shield", which reduces the damage caused by my opponent's cards.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

The strategy I used for this battle worked perfectly, I adapted correctly to the rules of the battle and placed each card in my lineup in the correct position, which allowed me to take advantage of absolutely every aspect of the game and the mana that was given for it.

The truth is my favorite battle team is the Death Splinter, but I was surprised to beat someone with level 4 cards, it was one of my best battles and having the "ARMORSMITH" helped me even more, so I will certainly be able to adapt to this team and use it in my strategies to reach higher leagues during the seasons to come.

Do you use ARMORSMITH often? Why or why not?

Not really, it's not a team I use often since it's not the strongest team I have currently, I usually use it only to fulfill my daily missions, however, from now on I will evaluate using it more often since it has a great power among all the Splinters.

Finally, I recommend acquiring the new legendary summoner released in the last round of the Airdrop for the Life Splinter called "Chanseus the great", a unique summoner that grants 3 really useful and strong skills that make this team even more difficult to beat.


  • Repair Restores some armor to the friendly Monster whose armor has taken the most damage.

  • Triage Heals the friendly back-line Monster that has taken the most damage.

  • Resurrect When a friendly Monster dies it is brought back to life with 1 Health. This ability can only trigger once per battle.


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