Here is how to Beat Kron and LLama annoying combo with level 1 cards.

Hi there all silver and bronze level player, are you tired of seen your oponent last games checking he has rent Kron and LLama and have to just click Surrender button? well not anymore here is how to beat them with just level 1 cards cheap or even starter cards and with a battle example of how I not only beat them I destroy the combo without losing a single monster, well I lose one for the blast but still.

Hope you can see the battle just by clicking the link; I'm not sure how to post battles here, well you may see key is just backstap kron with the sneak ability, see the position your oponent put kron and kill him first to avoid the last stand Kron, 99% of the times will be on the back you just use Sneak ability to kill him first or not last.
The game was a blast one but that wouldn't change the out come at all, at the moment I kill krom and having all my army alive the opponent lose the match none of his current monsters with last stand are dangerous there, the problem is when they ad Flesh Golem to the equation, if you kill Kron and let the Flesh golem take the last stand may be problems not so big as Last Stand Kron but big still.

Anyway as you see in the game I have a legendary but it is not neccesesary at all, the Kron Killer here was the SilverShield Assassin if you don't like him or don't want to rent him you could use any other strong Sneak monster like the super cheap Sand Worm or use a group of small monster with an increased attack to do the job.

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