Weekly Battle Change: Centauri Mage

Edition: Reward
Rarity: Rare
Element: Earth
Attack: Magic
Abilities: Return Fire at level 1; Repair at level 5

Centauri Mage is the true diamond in the rough when it comes to high mana games and you need some counter Ranged action; especially paired with Thorns.

The Card

The Play


The Strategy

It was a Silver League, 48 Mana battle with Holy Protection and Melee Mayhem. My strategy was to hedge my bets and play Mylor Crowling and the amazing Thorns abilitiy against my opponent; hoping they would be using multiple Melee cards.

SummonerMylor Crowling2The Thorns ability for each monster card in a game where Melee monsters can attack from any position.
Position 1Unicorn Mustang2High health and damage coupled with void to deal with any Magic enemy monsters.
Position 2Centauri Mage1Our star of the week with high health and the return ability to deal with any ranged units whilst providing additional tank for the remainder of the team.
Position 3Sporcerer2Primary use is the rust ability to degrade enemy monster armour by two and enhance the effect of Thorns and moderate damage.
Position 4Mushroom Seer1Silence to counter any Magic enemies and moderate damage.
Position 5Wood Nymph1Heal for the monster in the forward most position and relative safety in the fifth position.
Position 6Sand Worm3Massive damage coupled with Sneak to pick apart the enemy backline.

The Result

Unicorn Mustang barely managed to survive round 1 but valiantly held the line against relentless attacks resulting in the destruction of Gloridax Soldier and many Holy Protection's being broken on the enemy team. Unicorn Mustang went down early in round 2 but not before dealing some additional damage to War Chaang.

Centauri Mage then took the forward position and absorbed two heavy blows from Robo-Dragon Knight and Grim Reaper responding with Thorns and Return Fire respectively. Centuari Mage went down early in third round breaking against the rocks of Robo-Dragon Knight's Void and immense shield score. Sporcerer and Mushroom Seer were swiftly defeated and loss was on the horizon. Wood Nymph survived just long enough for Sand Worm to defeat the final three opponents in a spectacular display.

Centauri Mage is a valuable addition to the Earth Splinter in high mana games. She is largely categorised as a tank support. A combination of Return Fire and Thorns can wreak havoc on an enemy team that is unsuspecting.

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