The Legend of Doria - Chapter 7


Little update: A big thanks to those who are following this story so far! In case you are wondering, this is a self-written story (an amateur attempt I know) during the days when I was fascinated by the stuff about knights, castles, kingdoms and sorcery, you get what I mean. For those who wish to check out the previous chapters, here's the link! With that, let the adventure continue!

Chapter 7

"Why? I didn't harm him in any way."

"It's just my gut feeling. It seems to me that he knows something that both of us don't know. Anyway, just be extra careful. Meanwhile, I will think of a way to steal the keys from him to free you."

The moment he finished, he heard the door creaking. Rak gasped, "I think Malcolm's here. Quick, hide somewhere!"

Dax found a haystack at the corner and he dived into it immediately. Peeking through the gaps within the strands of hay, he saw Malcolm making his way down the steps, advancing towards Rak's cage.

"Good evening, young Rak!" Malcolm sneered as he unlocked Rak's cage.

"What do you want?"

"I should be asking you this question! First, you came and gave us misleading information. Then, you came and disturbed me in the middle of the night, blabbering nonsense about those 'D' marks. Are you trying to create chaos in our royal family? Out with the truth now!"

Rak was startled by his sudden outburst of rage. There were a lot of things that he wanted to say and clarify, but he knew no amount of explanation would pacify Malcolm.

Malcolm continued his interrogation, "So you choose to remain silent. You think I won't dare to kill you, is it?"

Malcolm whipped out his dagger and placed it at Rak's throat, ready to take the kill any moment. Rak was terrified but the handcuffs restrained his movements. He knew Dax was hiding somewhere and he wanted to call for his help, but he was afraid of implicating him.

Just then, Dax burst out of the haystack and shouted, "Malcolm, what are you doing?"

Malcolm was shocked to see Dax. His plan was proceeding smoothly and he cannot let Dax ruin it! He had to keep his composure at this crucial moment.

"Malcolm, put down the dagger!" shouted Dax, as he moved one step at a time, towards the cage.

Malcolm hesitated, before blurting out, "Don't move any closer, before I kill him with my dagger."

"I said, put down the dagger!" shouted Dax once more, and this time, he had made it to the entrance of the cage.

Malcolm knew he had no escape, and he immediately grabbed Rak and held him hostage.

"Stop there! If you move any closer, I will really kill him!" warned Malcolm.

"You are not going to lay a finger on him!" commanded Dax.

Malcolm knew time was not on his side and without thinking, he stabbed Rak in the chest. Determined not to let Malcolm escape, Dax lunged forward and disarmed him. With his dagger knocked away, Malcolm was powerless now. He pushed Rak towards Dax and charged towards the exit, with both of them still on the ground.

"Rak! Are you okay? You mustn't die!"

Dax choked, with tears in his eyes. It was all his fault for bringing Rak back to the castle, and now he had failed to protect him.

With blood spurting out of his wound, he managed to utter, "I won't die so easily. But I'm afraid that Malcolm will return. Help me get out of his place, please?"

Dax nodded.

Luckily, Malcolm was not strong enough and his stab was not lethal. Dax bandaged up Rak's wound and in no time, Rak was out of the castle and he vowed never to return again.

From the window in his room, Malcolm watched the young beggar clutch his chest and struggle his way out. He was angry and upset with himself, because he had failed to take Rak's life in the cellar. Now, Rak had escaped and it would be impossible for him to hunt Rak down in the populated city of nearly ten thousand citizens.

It was all Dax's fault. If not for him, he would have succeeded in getting rid of Rak. He then thought of asking Ariton for advice, but it would definitely arouse Dax's suspicions. After brooding for the whole night, he decided he would need to persuade King Welrock to abandon the search for Maltov the first thing next morning.

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