Welcome To The 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #113 - The Blazing Sky.

Bringing you some more blazing sunsets from the island of Koh Samui, Thailand which never ceased to amaze me from day to day there was never any disappointments, I think in the whole duration of the four weeks that we were on this island we had the occasional tropical day storm that would flow by open it's gates and in a matter of no time it looked like no storm had even been present the sky would break out in sunshine again and the grounds would be all dried up, the cloud formation would still be around but that was a good thing, without the cloud formation the sunset can be quite boring as a simply blue sky with no clouds to light up gives no art work to show, like on thee two particular different days many clouds around and when the sun was ready to set for the day there were many interesting formations of clouds in the sky only then you know you are going to get another masterpiece oil painting from mother nature as in these two cases. Skies blazing over the Gulf of Thailand in Nathon Beach was a common thing to see nearly every day on this part of Koh Samui Island and I never got bored with the fact of mother nature putting on another spectacular show every evening I was there always in the front row seat.







#lovetheclouds by @tobetada