New Contest: Electronic World and Winners of previous contest.

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Providing smiles and fun as well as encouraging family integration in these activities is our main reason for these contests.

We have all enjoyed these contests, we have had fun reading the post of our colleagues, we have had fun creating and especially we travel to our childhood, we feed our inner child and create moments of joy with the little ones of the house, memories that will remain engraved in their hearts and minds forever.

Choosing the winners was not an easy task, as we are happy to see so much quality content and many things made with love and even professionals.

We show the winners of the previous contest World of Cloth, and next, we have another fun task: Electronic World, in which we also hope you will participate and have a lot of fun showing your artistic qualities.

The winners are:

First Place: Prize: 10 Hive for @lauramica


Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl.

Second place: Prize: 5 hive for @aichel


Suitable clothing for hulk hanging out with his friends

Third place: Prize: 3 Hive for @rosilys20


Dress for dolls

Congratulations to the winners

Thank you all for participating, thank you for so many hours of entertainment and fun, we had a great time.


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Electronic World is a contest pretends to integrate the participation of men as well and to make them feel comfortable with their work materials. Of course, we are sure that girls will also integrate and create wonders.


The moderation of the contest will be in charge of @lionsaturbix, the contest rules are as follows:

  • Have fun creating and give the best of you.
  • Use recycled electronic parts (capacitors, diodes, leds, electronic boards, everything related to electronics).
  • You can use any type of glue to solder your parts, including tin.
  • You must build your publication in tutorial mode.
  • Detail the materials you used and your tools.
  • If you used references, you must mention them correctly.
  • The title of your publication must include Electronic World and you must say that you are participating in the contest.
  • Rate this post, share and invite a friend to your post.
  • Place the link of your participation in this post.
  • Subscribe and post from our HiveDiy community.
  • Post in English or bilingual (Esp/Eng)
  • No plagiarism, no spam, no repost.

Awards to be distributed:

1st place: 10 hive
2nd place: 5 hive.
3rd place: 3 hive.

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Our Discord:

Subscribe to the great community of do-it-yourselfers: created/hive-130560

Contest valid until July 12, 2021


Thank you OCD for accepting our community in the incubation program.



Program: MediBang Paint Pro.

Graphics tablet: Huion (Usb Pen Tablet). Model 420.


Source 1- Source 2- Source 3 - Source 4 - Source 5 - Source 6


GIF - Filmora Wondershare


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