Little Fox - easy handmade bookmark how to


Hello, friends!

I just finished making a cute little fox bookmark from the origami paper, which was fun and easy to make and has a value, yeah, you could use it as a bookmark. And now i would like to share how i made it to you...

Materials & things needed:

  • 12x12 cm origami papers in orange and black colour
  • a white paper
  • a stick glue
  • scissors

How I made it:

First, i started to fold the orange origami paper into a triangle. Open then fold one of them to up, only half from the big triangle. Fold again to the center. Then fold the right and left side to the center. Fold half of them down.


Then, open it up and fold some down, after that slip them to the top. Look i just finished the fox.


After that, i cut off the white paper in half of oval shape. Also two triangles for inside of the two ears. Then i cut the black origami in a quarter circle for the nose and two oval shapes for the eyes.


Last thing was pasting them all to the fox. First i started from the ears then cheeks then nose and eyes. Now the fox bookmark is finished and ready to use.


I put it beside my tale as old as time bookmark on my bible, and i really love the finished look of this bookmark, neat and cute.


Now it's time for you to make your own little fox bookmark. Thanks for reading my article and have a nice day!

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