Frankenstein Mini Halloween Treat Bag – Easy DIY How to


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Like usually on Sunday, I made some needlework DIY things like what I made yesterday. I got the idea from our visit to a shopping center at Saturday, there many things to décor are ready to buy for the Halloween, most were expensive and also cannot be customized so I think why don’t I make one for myself. And then this spooky Frankenstein created, it would be a perfect mini treat bag to décor or even a perfect gift for your child, to do the trick or treat. And today I would like to share how I made it easily. I hope many could make the Halloween décor by ourselves.

PROJECTS TIME: 5-6 hours


SKILLS NEEDED: Standard handsewn, Whipped stitch and Blanket stitch


  • Felt fabrics in green ( I used the soft green one), black, white and red.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Embroidery floss



I started to cut the green fabric, I made it approximately 7.5 cm x 5 cm but I didn’t use any ruler here, I just used my feeling. If you want to make it for yourselves, maybe it would depend on how large do you want to make it. Then I also criss cross cutting the black rectangle. It would be used for the hair so I made it in the same size with the green fabric width.



Then, I continued it with the handles, around 1.25 cm width, with the long that I measured to my hand. Then I cut the red and black for the scars and also two eyebrows plus two pupils.



Then I cut the white for the two eye balls. Also cut the black for the back scars. Now, I finished with the cutting things.



Next, I sew the back part first by joining the handle to it, I used easy handsewn here, in X shape. Then I whipped stitch the hair and also the scar.



After that, I did the same for the front part. The different would be front would be the face part so it had hair, two scars, eyebrows…



Eyes, Nose, and mouth. Last part, I join the front and back part with the blanket stitch. I used the green and also black floss here, cause it depended on the fabric I used.



Voila, the Frankenstein Mini Treat Bag is now ready to use for the Halloween.


Thanks for reading my article, hope you enjoy it.
Happy Monday and Happy Early Halloween!

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