Colorful Lollipop – easy DIY How to


Hello, friends!

Still you remember that when I was a little girl I really loved candies, even until now I still have some candies at home… And this time I would like to share how I made the colorful lollipop with the origami in some easy steps and I also made a simple ribbon, also from origami to put on its’ stick.

Materials & Things Needed:

· Colorful Origami Papers (you would need in 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm)

· Double Sided Tape

· Scissors

· A Straw

· A Ruler

· A Pencil

· Paper clips

How to make it:


I measured the colorful origami in 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm then cut them off. I used the help of paper clip to cut off 4 papers in a time.



Then, fold a paper to a triangle then make a smaller triangle by folding the left part to the top. Release, then fold up and then fold it again. Right part fold downside like on the picture below.



Flip the left bottom part of the left side inside the top left triangle. Do the same for other 7 papers. Then cut and paste the double sided tape on the left like on the picture. After that, join them together one by one.



Here how it looked like after I finished them all, left top was the bottom side of the lollipop.



Now I made the ribbon by the pink and green origami, First I measured the width that I want on the pink origami, make a bit wider for the green. Paste the pink on the green with the double sided tape then cut two edges of one paper ribbon like below. Then I cut the 1 for the center and also below ribbon. While the other one was left just as it is. Then I joined them together with double tape.



Last, add the ribbon on the straw with double sided tap, also the lollipop. Voila, this is my Lollipop. Isn’t it cute?


Thanks for reading my article, hope you like it. Happy Thursday!

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