Drawing a kitten


Good afternoon friends of this community that enhances talent.

Today with a creative sketch, on a sheet with lines where the figures of the sketch are intertwined in the lines of the sheet. Curves are given to the lines and thus it seems that the figures have become entangled in them. Before this, the sketch is made and then the line is made and erased some parts of the drawing where the line is going to cross, for this a white sheet is used and with a charcoal pencil the drawing is made and then erased to make the effect realistic on the sketch.

Procedure. . .




This technique of making sketches between the lines is very nice, he did not master it very well but I will insist until it becomes easy for me to draw this way.

I hope you like this technique and give your approval through your votes.

Thank you for valuing and encouraging our talent.

See you soon.

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