Needle Work Monday - Granny Squares Bedspread

This post is my contribution to #needleworkmonday challenge founded by @crosheille and hosted by @muscara, and @marblely .

Remember my granny squares project? I made 91 squares!

image0 (12).jpeg

I connected them using a 'continuous' technique that I found on YouTube, and here we go! I have a throw or a bedspread of 13x7 squares. It is big enough to cover a twin bed!

The colors match my 'aqua' room... I am a Cancerian and I love being by the water. The bed in this room is full size, so the bedspread is a little small... unfortunately I don't have enough yarn to make 3 more rows... so I will probably add some fringes to make it a little bit bigger, more like a throw. Imagination at work!

Anyways, it looks good so far, and my kitty love it!

image0 (1).jpeg

See that mermaid tail by the wall? I shared that project on Needleworkmonday a while ago! I use the mermaid tail all the time to support my back when I sit for longer periods of time on the couch, crocheting :)


Here Mitsu is posing, as usual, she is such a diva!

image2 (5).jpeg

Well... I will come back when I finish the fringes, I am not in a rush now, I put this bedcover away, saving it for winter. See you soon!



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