Needleworkmonday: Guess The WIP | The Reveal

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that joined my Guess the WIP contest. The rewards aren't that big, but I'm so glad to see you guys pay my post a visit. Plus seeing people guess the work in progress I have really motivated me to finish my project as quickly as I can. I also suggest that other needleworkers do the same when posting their WIPs. It will surely be fun trying to guess your WIPs too.

Anyways, without further ado, my project was a toddler's crochet swimwear top. It's almost the rainy season here in my country but my daughter just had a funny request to me one day. She said, "Nanay, I think I need a brow." By brow she meant bra. And by bra, she meant the swimwear. I was willing to make her just a two-piece kind of swimwear but her father insisted that I should make it into something that doesn't show a lot of flesh.

And so, tadaaaaaa!

The stitches used

As I said in my Guess the WIP post last week, this will be comprised mainly of double crochets. The triangle parts, plus the linings and the straps were all freehand designs. I double pulled the triangles and took the opportunity to make an ombre designs by alternating the colors on my double pulled yarns.

The bottom part were inspired by this pattern. I am not really good at following the pattern especially when it is made out of symbols mainly because I use my mobile phone when searching for patterns and my eyesight isn't as good as it was before. I can still say that it still looks like the pattern though. Don't you think?

The Ocean waves hello!

My favorite part of this project is how the shell layers looked like the ocean waves. It kinda made me miss the beach even more. But atleast I was able to make a couple of beach waves using crochet. Wouldn't you agree?

As promised, the liquid rewards of the Guess the WIP challenge announcement will be equally distributed to all the guessers.

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Thank you for joining my contest. I had so much fun watching you guys guess the project. Hope to see you on my next Guess the WIP contest.

I just noticed one thing, my first Guess the WIP started with a square, then now it started with a triangle. What shape would be my next Guess the WIP? We'll all find out tomorrow. Stay tuned! :)

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