Granny Square Blouse


I started this project last summer and was actually able to finish it just in time for the cold, rainy season. This granny square blouse is made specially for my daughter because according to her, I never make any crochet things for her anymore. Imagine her saying those words with emphasis on "never" with pouty lips and all. In fairness to her, she said this last April which was actually true at that time because year-end of 2020, I was working on an MTO baby dress and a crop top and skirt set for my client. Then early 2021, I slaved myself away to finish my niece's Belle dress which I finished only a few days before her birthday.

I remember she kept on asking me back then if those dresses were for her. Now, I was guilt tripped by this little human into making a new wearable for her. In my defense, I was still able to whip up little crochet trinkets for her but apparently, she demands that I make her a new blouse because according to her, it has been a while since I made her beautiful blue top.

I used fine cotton yarn for this granny square blouse. This was one of the yarns I bought during my yarn hoarding spree in 2019. At this moment, I am still working on finishing up all my hoarded yarns so that I can buy the new ones I am eyeing right now. For this project, I used 3.00mm crochet hook to make small stitches.


The beauty of making granny square is that you actually see and feel as the project grows. It literally comes into shape as you move along row after row, after row. I actually ended up having to frog some rows towards the end because I got carried away. This, I think is the most therapeutic design I have made so far. You just simply get lost in the stitches. In a good way, that is. Get lost in the counts in a middle of a complicated stitch and you'll transform into a crocheting monster.


Another thing one must keep in mind when making granny squares is the blocking. This is where you "mold" your square. There are several techniques in blocking. One is where you dip and drench your granny square in a mixture of glue and water (add cornstarch if you want to) and then air dry it. While air drying, you need to secure the corners and the stitches with pins to make sure they dry into the form you want them to have.

Another method is you pin it first on a flat surface, then spray the mixture of glue and water into the piece. You can leave it to air dry or if you're in a hurry, you may use the hair blower. I tried using the flat iron before, but just be careful to just hover the iron over the granny square.


After blocking, I stitched together the two giant granny squares which is the front and the back of the blouse. I attached them the simplest way possible. I'm not sure what the method is called but I just basically double crocheted alternately from one edge of one granny square to the other.

It is at this point of the project where the excitement from my little client is really rising. This is when she would ask me if it is done yet and if she could try it on already. Of course, there's always a side order of milk, snacks, bananas, and anything she can think of.


As soon as the project is done, my little human immediately tried it on. And needless to say, she's one satisfied customer. I am glad to have met her expectations. She was able to use it during the days where there was heavy rains and the weather was really cold in our place. Although now, she has more orders lined up. I am sure I will be guilt tripped again into completing her projects. Who am I to say no? Afterall, I am her personal crocheter. And I am very much highly compensated by her mega hugs and power kisses.


@romeskie is a full-time stay-at-home mom to a homeschooling toddler. Loves crocheting as a hobby. Maintains a mini food forest, aiming to grow more to achieve that farm-to-table homesteading. Learned how to cook after leaving the corporate world to take care of her family and is now starting to acquire basic baking skills. Learn more about her adventures and misadventures in the world of motherhood.
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