Crochet Baby Dress Full Set

For the last two weeks, I worked on a baby dress set. I'm so happy to have finished the entire ensemble in less than 2 weeks. That's including the several times I had to rework the dress. I talked about how I had to rework the dress on my last week's #needleworkmonday entry where I showed the crochet baby shoes I made. The missing piece is the bonnet. I had to make three bonnets before I got the right design and fit. Had I not frogged the first two I did, I could have had two more bonnets I can give away for Christmas. But the yarns I ordered that time hasn't arrived so I had to be stingy with the yarns.

The design me and my client agreed with was the design on this pattern. I had tried to make a different and much simpler design but both ended up either not fitting the head, and the other unappealing design. So I took it to the client and asked if that design was fine for her. I went ahead and continued with the bonnet design we agreed on.

The bonnet was really simple, it started with a magic ring, increasing until I get the circumference right. To be honest, I have forgotten how many stitches I made for each row because of the number of times I had to create and rework the bonnets. Once I got the right size, I went ahead and continued with the shell stitches until I finished down the length I wanted. I showed it to the client and they requested to add a ribbon to tie it down on the chin because her baby always removes whatever they put on her head. I originally wanted to make just a beanie but ended up with a bonnet. To finish it off, I added a line of white slip stitches.

When I finished off the bonnet, I added the straps for the dress. To make the ensemble a consistent red and dashes of white, I added slip stitch linings on the dress. The client was crazy about it! When I went out last week, the yarns I ordered were finally shipped. An so when I came home, I just had a long sleep and after that, I started with the dress for the 6-year-old girl, another commissioned work.

To be honest, this is the first time I had back to back commissioned work for wearables. I usually work with accessories because I find them easier to commit to. It's a good thing the girl I'm making the dress for usually comes over to our house so I get to test fit the dress as I work on it. I guess the finished ensemble gave me a boost in my morale. As I was taking pictures of the set, I felt like I am ready to start that next project.

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