DIY of childrens graduation outfit || The children wants to party

Hello family.

Pleasant evening to everyone in the needlework family, I hope we all had a great day unlike my workaholic self that has been stucked with making graduation wears outfits for my kids.

Partying and celebrating academic success starts from young age with my first nursery graduation at age 5.
You can imagine the joy on every childs first when they are been celebrated on these special day especial if they performed well or came top of the class.

Mothers do everything to make their kids happy including new clothes and shoes.

I had a busy weekend and did not have the opportunity to touch any of this outfits, coupled with misinformation that made me believe that graduation ceremony was for the weekend, only for me to realize that both my nephew niece and their mother will be having the program tomorrow.

This means that I have to cut and sew 4 outfits in less than 24 hours. 😢😢😢😭😭.
I didn't want to disappoint them so I kept working, I have had the kids outfit in place now except that I have to make it a vigil to make their mummy's dress.

Photo Mixer1627320539042.jpg


I made a gathered v neckline dress for my niece and a simple male outfit for my nephew.

Its seems we can never get over some mistakes with making clothes I had a little ish with the boys measurements as he is only 2 years of age and kids measurements could be a little misleading.

Thanks God for wisdom i used a bias strip to decorate and design where I made an adjustment cut on the male cloth.

Making process.

Using my niece measurements I had her clothes cut and sewn with some neat finishing.

The linings and African print fabric was cut in similar manner.





Male outfit making

For my nephews top and trousers I used his measurements, though with lots of adjustment but am glad for the knowledge and insights I have gained making this outfit.

Male top



Male trouser









For the love of family and children I just had to do this, now I have two down with two more to go for the night.
This is wearable for now even though I have no time to add flower or embellishing stones for now. This is just good for now.

Am sure you have gone extra miles for family before haven't you?

Thank you for having me

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