NeedleWorkMonday Challenge My Freeneedling

Hello everybody,

When I read about the challenge last week, I was hessitant to join because am use to write tutorial everytime I finished my work. Freeneedling in posting is new to me. Then, last Wednesday morning our neighbor, who is a food seller passed by our house. I saw her outside bringing her stuff sweating because that time about 8 am the sun's ray was hot already and she just cover her head with an old tshirt. When I saw her that time, I decided I will make a hat for her she can use in vending the food. She offer her food stuff house to house.The following day was my freeneedling activity making her hat and I did it on that day. Giving it to her on Friday morning and she was very happy.



That's her, named Odette. Little about her, she is married with a carpenter and they have 13 children but they lost one. Odette help her husband by selling anything because a carpenters daily wage is not enough to sustain those children.She is also render her services if you want to run an earrand.I can see her as an industrious and extend her help also with her service. She was the one who helped us cook during the time me and hubby was sick. That's why this hat I made her can be of help in a small way.

Wednesday night I searched for the materials I needed for her hat, from my stash, thankful I found 2 cords.


With out a pattern, I started the hat.


While crocheting I keep on thinking will Odette like the color and is her head just the size of my head? Then, I stopped because I must finished cleaning the stove and washed the dishes, lock the gate and checked the windows and the two doors before we slept. Massage the feet of hubby and inject him with insulin. When hubby sleeps that's the time for my evening prayer. Resumed my freeneedling activity by Thursday.

Thursday morning came, busy me with household chores and washed our clothes.


I resumed my freeneedling activity after lunch. Time to relaxed and my relaxation is my freeneedling time continuing crochet the bucket hat of Odette. I came to the rounds that no more purple cord, I stopped and searched what yarn would I used. I found an indophil 4ply yarn so thin, that's why I make it 8 ply, I doubled it. To match the cords thickness and it matched. Not easy to deal with from hard cord to soft yarn using another big hook.


While crocheting, raw peanuts was on my side, I love raw peanuts.


Grateful that hubby was busy with his report writing he did not bother me, for an earrand. That's why I made the hat smoothly, done before dinner time. At least I served hubby with his dinner with no hassle at all.


Oh, oh, after my household chores and I was about to slept I checked the bucket hat again, the ends were not weaved, I decided to make it in the morning before Odette arrived.

Friday early morning, I weaved the ends, then waited for Odette. She passed by early, before 8 am. I gave her the hat and she was very happy! I took her picture so she can make it as her profile pic on FB. If she was happy, I am more than happy I brighten someone's day.

My freeneedling time at the same time a random act of kindness on a Friday morning.

Thanks for dropping by...




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