Retro Camera Case - easy handmade how to


Hello, friends especially needleworkers here @needleworkmonday community!

Yesterday i was at home and then i was thinking about my camera, that is a graduation present for mom then i searched it in my cupboard found it but the case was already broken...


Some of the outter skin was broken so i got an idea to make a new one with the felt fabrics that i have at home. And i made it match with my camera.

The Materials & Things needed:

  • Felt fabrics in soft pink, soft grey and broken white
  • Embroidery floss in soft grey and soft pink
  • Buttons, i had some at home, i used 4 in this project
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Elastic rubber
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • anything in round shape

The steps:

My first experiment trying to sew 3 felt fabrics together was a big failed. The problem was i cannot even joined them together in the middle so it was FAILED..


But i didn't give up and then found another way to make it, thanks God, i could finished it well and now i would like to share it with you all. First i measure the soft pink felt to the camera. Then i did the blanket stitch to join it with the soft grey 3x11.5 cm size. Then i cut two small rectangles from the broken white felt. Sew one smaller on the right side of the grey felt. Then i sew elastic to their back part. I used a bit of grey felt to make it sewn well behind.


Continue to sew then i cut the elastic. After that i sew the another rectangle, this time with x shape. For the sewing things here i used 2 strains of the soft grey floss. Then i also did the blanket stitch to another 4x11.5 cm grey rectangle in order to join it with the soft pink felt. After that sewing a black button on its middle like on the picture below. For the bottom parts of two grey rectangles, join to the pink with whipped stitch.


Next, i copy the round shape to the soft grey felt. Cut it off. Also i cut the broken white in smaller circle. For another smaller circles i used 2 different size of buttons, bigger in soft grey and smaller in pink.


I join the circles together. First, i sew the two buttons on white then white on the grey. Last whipped stitch the grey on the pink felt. And then, i sew another small transparant button under the left broken white box. Then voila, it's finished.


I could use it really well, the size fitted my camera so well. Love the result plus i also made it match with my camera's color. Look, aren't they a perfect match!


Thanks for reading my article.. Happy Monday!

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