GRUMPY CAT felt phone cover (for Mom)- easy DIY how to


Hello, friends especially needleworkers here @needleworkmonday !

Yesterday was sunday so i had some free time to do my hobby and this time it is a request from mom, that she needs a phone cover, cause her old one already broken and she doesn't want to use pouch for her phone plus she wants this to be a simple one but still cute.. so then i got an idea, to make her a phone cover from felt material with one of her favorite animal in it too. It was fun and easy to make. And now, I would like to share it to all of you here.

Materials and Things Needed:

  • Felt fabric in grey, soft grey, broken white, black, pink, blue
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • sewing needle
  • embroidery floss in soft grey, grey, black, blue, and pink
  • glue gun

The Steps:


First i measure mom's phone with the ruler. The Phone size is 16 cm x 7.5 cm x 0.5 cm. So the Grey felt size, i made two for front & back were 18.5 cm x 9.5 cm. Then i cut the behind eyes part with the soft grey, tummy with the broken white, two front feet with soft grey, two eyes with black.



Then i also still make some of the cat's body parts to complete it from two ears until the tail. After that, join the parts together i started by sewing the two parts of ears. Next the two eyes.



Also the black parts behind eyes, with whipped stitch. I then cut the grey felt, sew the two ears on the top. Also whipped stitch the soft grey and a pink nose there. Plus, sew the grumpy mouth with pink floss. For all the things i sew here i used 2 strains of embroidery floss.



Then i also whipped stitch the broken white felt for the tummy, only top parts of the two front feet. And the last, the tail.



Next i finished it by sewing around the 3 sides (bottom, left and right), with grey floss. Then, i measure the grey felt to cover the back of the ears. I also used the glue gun to paste these to the back of the ears so we won't see the handsewing behind the ears. Voila, i turned it up...


The grumpy cat now could be mom's. And good thing is, she really loves it!


Thanks for reading my article and Happy Monday!

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