The Flowering Air Plant: Purple and Magenta magic


Timing is such a funny thing. I had looked out my living room window and noticed that my one air plant was flowering! And just that day @gems.and.cookies posted some magnificent air plants!

So here are some photos of my scraggly looking air plants.

The original air plant that is still larger than the others
The original plant had been left behind by the previous owners of our house almost 5 years ago. Then about 6 months ago the plant was so big that decided to divide it into smaller plants and hang it in different areas around deck and back yard.

A part of the plant that I moved to hang on the fence.

This is a small section of the plant that I wanted to hang on the fence to add some flora to our very grey yard. I think I need to move it to a more shady spot as it’s looking very dry here.

A large lower part of the original plant


I hung this very large part of the original plant from the beam of our deck looking into the garden. It’s seems to be happier than the other smaller ones in the back yard.

The flowering Air Plant


But the highlight is this tiny piece of the air plant, that I hung against our back wall, that decided to flowered again this year! So this seems to be an annual event. It has two beautiful and very striking purple and magenta flowers that seems to last about a week before dying.

I’m constantly amazed at this plants and it’s resilience. Our winters are wet and stormy while our summers are hot and dry. Regardless of the weather these plants seem to keep on growing and thriving.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our air plants with me!


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