My walk...

A walk along Vršac hill where it almost always pops up and for some surprise ... No matter how much I walked the same paths, I'm not sure if I saw everything ...



..In this photo, you can see the whole tree, and if you zoom in, you'll see how much moss has covered it ..... 🥰

In this one walk along the Vršac hill, we sat down with the mountaineers to rest at the Forester's house ... That is the name of that place, and there is a wooden house with benches and a holiday table .....




I have been to that place countless times ... And I have looked many times at this tree that I will present to you now .... You will see why I was amazed this time ..


A tree with a mountaineer's mark for the trail .... And around it and moss that spreads upwards almost to the canopy ....


I saw moss everywhere, mostly in Šušara-Deliblatska peščara ... in the forest where it grows on the ground and on trees, even on dry branches, stumps ... I haven't seen many species, but I have a few in my surroundings ...


This time I came close and ran my fingers over that greenery ... I meet moss like this for the first time ... It is very strange to me ...


Moss is one of the evolutionarily oldest plants ... They are considered to be the first plants to grow on land ... They have been successfully distributed around the world ... So we can talk about the possible use of these plants as antibiotics, biopesticides and antivirals.


They have a very good ability to survive in dry conditions, even when they seem to dry up and lose all signs of life, it only takes one drop of water to revive them, and that is why they are also called "resurrecting plants".


For years, mosses have been used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases. The reason for such application is the large number of antibiotics that moss synthesizes. The great variety of chemical compounds that abound, such as aromas, specific flavonoids, polyphenols, indicates other possible properties that this group of plants has.


My source

And from an ordinary walk, I came across an unusual "trained" tree ...
I hope you enjoyed ... and saw how much tiny plants mean to us and how much we are surrounded by them and I almost don't notice them ...

Thank you very much for visiting my blog 🥰

Have a nice evening ✨🌌

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