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Today I will tell you the story of Dudu
And how wonderful nature is ... The mulberry tree can live for 250 years, the last leaves in the spring, in order to avoid frosts and that is why it is considered wise. We used to grow white mulberry, because of the silkworm ... white mulberry Morus alba L., but we also know Morus nigra L. - black mulberry
during the time of Maria Theresa they came to us from China. Planted along the roads and next to each village and town, one Dudara, a plantation for growing silkworms. The fruits are nutritious and healing ..The leaves are also healing ...


And in one walk on Deliblato Sands, a huge tree collapsed, as did many others that had dried up. It was so sad to watch .... But now .. The miracle of nature is at work and that tree has turned green, at least partially and has even blossomed .... And the leaves are as big as I have ever seen in a mulberry...



The mulberry tree represented
different ideas among different cultures and was a symbol of nature, faith, growth, and for some even death. Some of the symbolic meanings of the mulberry are related to its properties and include support, nurturing, and self-sacrifice. It is believed that the fruit of the mulberry tree gives strength, strengthens intuition, helps a person to defend himself from the forces of darkness, but also to make love for those in love.



The name of the genus mulberry Morus is derived from the Latin word mora, which means delay, because mulberry is the last tree to bud in spring. Because the mulberry tree waits until every possibility of frost passes, it symbolizes calculated patience and is called the wisest of all trees. Because of all these attributes, the ancient Greeks dedicated the mulberry to the goddess of wisdom Athena, known as the Roman goddess Minerva.


In China, mulberry is considered the World Tree that connects Heaven and Earth with the lower regions. In front of the eastern gate of the early royal cities, a sacred grove of mulberries was planted, and mulberry was connected with this direction, because the sun rose daily climbing on the mulberry. Mulberry trees used arches that "rejected" the evil influences that penetrated from the points of the circle. The mulberry tree is also a symbol of the archer because legend has it that the first bow was made by Emperor Huangdi from a mulberry tree to defeat the tiger that chased him.



Mulberry paper is used as utensils for offering in Shinto shrines. Strips of mulberry fibers hung on the sacred trees as prayers. Mulberry leaves were also used to feed silkworms, which produced fiber to make the kimono suit the ruling class..



In the Serbian tradition, there is a widespread belief that it is not good for the house and the occupants, if the veins of the pacifier are pulled under the house, the whole house will die out and relax. A huge mulberry tree near the house means that the house has long since fallen into disrepair...



And here is a green young duda to compare the size of the leaves ...



Everything I read about Duda, and I have the opportunity to see them ... Because along the road I go to Deliblato Sands, one part along the road are old dudes .... sometimes they cut them to the tree, a tree was struck by lightning and burned a little but it's still green ... it's an incredibly tough tree and a fighter ...

But when I saw it turn green and dry and ruined, it's a miracle!

I hope you liked my story ..

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