Filling my Heart with Green 🌳🌲🌴

After a long long time, I managed to escape my city!


Just look at this view!

This is what I always talk about that I miss.

I miss this greenery, this sunshine, this blue sky, and the open wide area.

As long as my eyes go, I can see only nature. Yes, this is my countryside view. I captured the moments from my car so the photos may come out a little blurry. But my eyes were not. I filled my heart with a lot of green.


Another one!


And this!

This is what we got to see almost for the whole year. Bangladesh is a very green country, most of the trees are evergreen. And the field usually covers with rice paddy or other crops. And as it's mid-summer, I got to see the clearer sky with a lot of lovely clouds.

It's a whole different view from the cities. I wish we could make our cities more breathable and greener.

Finally, I made it to my hometown.

Will share more...

Stay Happy.

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