Surveying on fish species and their present status - day 2

As I'm surveying my area for the number of fish species that are found and already collected the data from some fishermen from different areas, now its time to tabulate those collected data in a a format that satisfies the content.

To start with that , firstly i had to google searching scientific names for the fishes found, their respective order and family. While surveying, i founded about 26 species belonging to 7 different orders. Out of those 26, fishermen stated that the muwa, tura, puthi, khelkona are found in abundance. He also stated some rare fishes like labeo bata during December-january but common during june-july. Some fishes are less common like kaboi.

I tabulated the order,family, scientific name , common name and fish status serially. There are other content as well that must be filled like introduction part, objective, methodology,but at first i made the table which is of upmost importance. Here is the chart i made.


I made the chart using Microsoft excel. After completion of the table i converted excelsheet into pdf file. I couldn't find scientific names of some fishes so i left the area blank. There is some more to add in the project which i will be adding in another post. Thank you for visiting.



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