Progress in my apple orchard. 1.5 months to harvest.


Hello everyone,

Today I visited one of my orchard for keeping the check on the apples that are grown there.

I am happy to see the progress. The trees are in great condition considering their age. These trees are just 4 years old. There are many varieties of apples in this plot. Some varieties have been turned red and some are slowly getting the colour. The first photograph is of jeromine variety which is red from the beginning.


This is super chief variety. This variety is still getting the colour. The growth is adequate and the plants are in great condition as you can see. This is the result of the hard work we have been doing.


The weather nowadays is very good too for the growth of the apples. It usually rains in a week once and the temperature is very good considering the cloudy days.


The quantity of the fruit per tree is also good in this orchard considering the age. You can see the apples in this baby apple tree.


I am still waiting for the apple season to come and see these apples 🍎 in their full glory.


I’ll be updating you guys with my other apples orchards in upcoming days. Stay tuned.


Thanks for passing by.

Love from Himalayas ❤️

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