Some snowy mountains.

Three mountain shots and three sunset shots with birds of course.

Oh yes, it is icy cold here today and I wear my faux fur hat that is marked as genuine fur. Made in South Africa and imported from China, as my Russian friend used to say. Nevertheless it is warm and that's all that counts. The weather is very strange here and even the locals cannot understand it, but we will just have to get used to it.

A more intense look at the mountains here below.

At times there are breaks in the cold dark clouds and that's when I nip outside with my camera.


Now for a few sunset clouds!

A murder of crows came along and I timed the shots to get a sunset cloud background.

They are a family of Pied Crows (Corvus capensis), nice and big to lend character to the shots.

Finally the day started to close and the doves gathered with their partners to go home.
You can see how strong the wind is here, as it kept the dove up from landing.

What I like about the shorter posts is that one can keep the quality content and still make an impact. I used to post up to 14 photos at times, but started realizing that most people are in such a rush that they only glance briefly at ones posts. Some doesn't ever bother to open a post, but simply vote if the first picture grabs them.
Readers have also become very few and I spend at least an hour or two to craft each of my posts.
So the best is to try and capture attention with quility photos and short descriptions. So be it.

And That's All Friends!

Photos by Zac Smith-All Right Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Brifge camera.

We hope that you liked the pictures and the descriptions.

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