Floribunda rose || My entry in the Amazing Nature contest - June 2021 - #01

Hello beautiful and amazing community.

Today I am contributing my first grain of sand to this Amazing Nature community, and I have always loved nature and everything that inhabits it, since there are incredible, peculiar and beautiful things that will leave you amazed by their beauty.

This beautiful post that I have published today, is my entry to the magnificent Contest made by my friend @adalger and all the initiatives that he always has, are amazing and make you feel encouraged to participate and feel that emotion and love while you write your post.


This publication will deal with botany.

Today I woke up and the day was a little rainy and the flowers were wet, some of them were just blooming and among them were these beautiful flowers that you can see in these photos, they are known as Rosa floribunda which are of the group of modern garden roses, mostly blooming in spring and autumn.



These very beautiful plants resist the cold, but in the same way it is necessary to fertilize them so that when the flowering is being executed they can have an intense color and grow healthy and strong and the petals do not fall off easily.


This type of rose plant should not be watered every day, as watering should be 3 or 4 times a week to avoid the death of the plant or else when the roses grow they will wither instantly after flowering.

These roses floribundas we must protect and care for them even more in the spring season because they will be attacked by aphids, spider mites and fungi that make the plant and roses are mined as little white things that little by little will eat the stem of the plant until they reach the rose and kill it and then look for others. But if you take good care of it these things will not happen to you and you will have such beautiful roses that will make your neighbors want to have some in their garden. In addition these roses have some minimal pullitas that are in all the stem of the leaf that serve him so that the stem climbs on other bushes and also serves them to defend themselves, because it is uncomfortable to them to the herbivorous animals as for example to the morrocoy that I have in my house nor approaches him to that bush, because the first time that tries to eat a part of the stem of that rose it is torn with some of the minimal pullitas of that plant of roses.




This rose is of the floribunda variety and its characteristics are: They have a pink color and a little bit of white at the end of the petals. The perfume of these flowers can not be appreciated because they do not have it. The height of this floribunda rose can be from 90 to 150 centimeters.


After knowing a little bit more about this very beautiful flower. The question for me is: Why do these images of this rose represent the incredible nature?

These floribunda roses are so beautiful, striking and peculiar. No matter that this rose does not have a perfume or smell that we can appreciate just by looking at its beauty from far away or up close, it shows us how incredible nature is, and all that dwells in it, and the wonders that are yet to be discovered, as this makes us appreciate all the incredible things that God has made.

If you want to know more about Floribunda Roses, click here.


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