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Good day fellow Hivers, I am making this blog post for the #amazingnature contest! I joined this contest because I love and adore how amazing nature is as it brings so much joy to me.

For me to connect with nature every day, I collected some of my favourite plants at home. From cactus, succulents, indoor plants like aglaonema to variegated bamboos, pothos, and African Talisay trees. I have planted champagne trees in my yard too as part of my landscape. I am proud that I landscape our garden myself, I am happy as to how it turned out-- it is so nice, and my kids, husband and parents agree, too!

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The cactus and succulents are so cute and fragile, I love to give them to my friends as gifts. My indoor plants such as aglaonema, pothos, and begonia are my favourite to repot since they grow very fast. Plants give oxygen to people, and in a way give new hope every time they sprout. Having them around our house give serenity and comfort as well, breathing good air is a bonus in this pandemic time.

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My love for nature inspires me to collect more plants! When I'm at home, I make sure to check my plants if there are insects and pets trying to eat them. I sometimes talk to my plants, sounds crazy but true! I read something that it also helps plants to grow when you talk to them like they are your babies--and they are my babies, too!





I also make sure they get proper nutrients, good and healthy soil, and vitamins. I avoid overwatering them as it can kill my plants. I also learned that some plants, just like the morning sun, need all-day exposure to sunlight, so I place it wherein it's always facing the sun.



Whenever we had family time out, I also make sure my kids explore nature. When the pandemic started, most people consider outdoor activities, like dining out and just relaxing and breathing the fresh air. There's this garden in mountain barangay, with lots of different flowers and plants. People come and visit just to chill and relax with the nice view! How nature becomes an instant attraction nowadays, right? we need to respect nature as it gives happiness to us.

I believe that we share this Earth with nature and plants, a life that they also deserve. Taking good care of our environment will go far, by giving respect and nurturing them. Having my plants at home does not just give beauty and oxygen, but also boosts my mood and is a constant stress reliever, too!

My favourite time with them is early morning! I like watering and checking on insects and pests while having my coffee, or sipping some wine during weekends and holidays.

I am so happy to share this with you guys! I hope you will have a great time reading this and get inspired as much as I am.
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