Amazing Nature Contest - September 2021 - #01

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How are you all ? I hope you are well by the grace of God. My sincere wishes and love for you.I pray that you all are always well.

Friends, My name is #Farid-Uz-Zaman.I am Bangladeshi.Mistakes will be forgiven .If something went wrong without my knowledge , Please let me know.I will try to observe it properly. It's great to join this community.

Amazing Nature Contest - September 2021 - #01

There are a few flower and tree nurseries a short distance from my house. There I go. I took these pictures from there.

Friends, today I have appeared among you with another post. Photography is some flower. There are many types of flowers in nature that we see all the time. There are some fruit flowers. Fruit formation after flowering. These flowers are very beautiful to look at. These flowers attract us with their beauty. We cannot forget their beauty. We are amazed at their beauty. I stared in surprise. Their beauty is incomparable. What a wonderful creation of nature !!! It is as if nature has created this beauty with its own hands. What a perfect beauty. Nature has now made her own outfit. Nature looks like a bride. Filled youth is of the present nature. Behind her new outfit is the contribution of these beautiful flowers.We have fallen in love with nature. Nature and we are inextricably linked. It is impossible for us to walk without nature. Nature gives us a lot. Many things in nature benefit us a lot. Their beauty cannot be compared. It is very nice to see the flowers. The mind danced with joy. The beauty of nature is the food of the mind. Seeing this beauty, the mind becomes overwhelmed with joy.

Friends today we will see pictures of flowers in nature that always make us happy. Then let's take a look at all those pictures. The pictures that always make us happy. We do not think what is the source of all this beauty? Whose hand is behind this beauty? There is infinite mercy of the Creator behind this beauty.


Photography - 1


Photography - 2


Photography - 3


Photography - 4


Photography - 5

Friends, if you like my photography, please comment. Your comments are very valuable to me. I will be inspired to post the next photography for your comments.

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