Spring has Sprung in Arrowtown, New Zealand - Welcome New Life in a Place Where Nature Meets History

Spring has just arrived, and it has brought new life to every corner of New Zealand. The trees, once without leaves, are now covered in blankets of new and tender green leaves. Flowers start blooming and are happily showing off their colours: pink, white, yellow, orange… New life is not only visible with plants but the animals too. In every step of my way to explore nature, I can feel a happy welcome from all of them.



There is nothing better than the early days of Spring. When the sun is out, the sky becomes clear and blue. After a long silence during the winter season, nature becomes full of liveliness again. So let me take you to my recent trip to Arrowtown – a historic gold mining town in New Zealand – to welcome the season of rebirth and rejuvenation.



It was incredible from the first moment I saw the town. On top of the nearby mountains, I still can see snowy peaks and slopess, but in town life seems to say goodbye to winter.


A happy and cheerful song was playing everywhere every step of my way. I heard it from the trees, the flowers, the birds, the wind and the sun. They were all tellng me that it's Spring. It has arrived.


new leaves.jpg

My soul connects the best to Spring. I don’t know how to explain it but when I see the buds growing from trees, I feel joy and happiness deep inside my soul.


Walking around the village, I felt as though flying with the wind, shining under the sun, giggling with new leaves and singing with birds when we pass each other.


From afar, I heard the call of a river asking me to dance with them. I hesitated for a moment as I can still feel the cold crisp of the air around me. With the cheerful and high-spirited call from the river, I can’t help but jump straight into its arms and start dancing around.


I follow the river and it took me to the old Chinese Settlement village. This place was set up by Chinese miners during the Otago Gold Rush of the 1860s. My mind came back to the past when my partner and I first visited this place 3 years ago. It was always my great joy when recalling a memory in the past. So I stopped for a moment to see myself walking around happily exploring the place.


I remember that I looked at every single house and asked myself how the Chinese miners set up their living spaces inside. In one house, I started imagining people cooking and eating after a long day working in the goldfields. In another house, a miner arranged the place to go to bed early, he had a hard day at work. Just like that, I walked to the end of the village feeling happy with my imagination.


Thank you for reading my post today. I’ve been on Hive for more than 2 weeks and I started growing my love for writing. I realise it is one of the ways for me to heal and connect with my soul. After my holiday, instead of regretting that my holiday is gone, sharing with you will make it alive forever. Cheers, Dora.

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