What I Learnt From My First Camping Night 🌙🏕️📸

Outdoor activities always bring me a lot of excitement and experience after every trip. Camping is one of my favorite things that I have loved since I was a child but didn't dare to do that until last summer. My friends helped me out of nonsense concerns in a strange place during the night ^^ and I had a good sleep after all. Thanks to this trip, I could learn some tips that may be helpful for some beginners who go camping for the first time. I will break down some guidelines like where to go, what to pack, and how to deal with some unplanned problems.

  • Where to go?

I think it's necessary to plan where to go and what to want to do there, how many nights you will stay then you can do other things. Idea places for camping are usually along a beach, in the jungle next to a waterfall or a stream which is very useful for cleaning stuff and activities. The first camping night that I went was on the mountainside of Hai Van pass, At that time, I didn't need to prepare a lot of things, except my personal belongings which was quite easy for me, after that I could observe many things to learn from him and other friends.


we do small fire during the evening as it was a bit cold

  • What to pack?

Well, I think fewer things to bring is better, however, don't miss stuff that you really need! Learning from my past trips, I always make a list of what I have to take and multifunctions are the best like a scarf can be a blanket during the night, a bottle can use as a cup for the morning coffee, etc. There are a bunch of online checklists for different occasions so that you can review and learn from them. Moreover, these checklists can bring you many great ideas to maximize your enjoyment outdoors.

Small tips from me: Just prepare enough stuff for how many days you will go camping. Don't take things with you for "in case reason", you can talk to your buddies and share stuff with them so that your backbag will be lighter and it's good when you have to walk a long way.



This is the checklist that I prepared for myself before every single trip,

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (hotel style)
  • Wet tissues, sunglasses, and suncream
  • A travel blanket or a scarf for the night. Summer daytime can be hot but believe me, as soon as the sun comes down, it will be a bit cold.
  • Travel knives and First Aid Kit for safety
  • A bottle of water (recommended over little for one night stay)
  • A mall stove is great for boiling water
  • Some light clothes and even a sports jacket with waterproof
  • Mobile charge for your phone and even usable for lightening
  • Some tea or coffee bags for morning wake up
  • Some toads, dry food, fruits (you can plan and share with your buddies)
  • A memory foam that is foldable for a good night sleep
  • Slippers or Sandals which are easy to use on land and underwater.
  • A Tent or DIY glamping/ sleeping bag is a must if you have to prepare it by yourself.
  • Camping gear will be useful for settle down at a place.




  • How to deal with unexpected problems?

Safety is always the top concern when we stay outdoor in a strange place. We all need to be aware that there are so many things that may be unpredictable and out of control. That's why we must prepare for that in advance. There are three suggestions which I highly recommend you to do following,

  • Talk and plan your trip with a friend (more than one is better): when you talk to at least one person where and when you go will help a lot in emergency cases.
  • Contact a local authority where you want to do camping and get permission: they know their area well and can keep their eyes on dangers for you.
  • Go with someone or a group of trusted friends: more fun and more hands to solve unexpected problems.


Going with friends will help a lot in hard parts of the trip ;)


Photoshoot with friends to keep the best moments and scenes.


We found an alone tree that needed hugs

These are some summaries from my first camping night experience, I hope some of these personal tips will help you make your best trip in your next camping excursion.
Happy travel!

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