Beauty of Begonia Maculata

New Member of Ornamental Plant In My Garden


Hello everyone,
It's been two years since we had to struggle with a pandemic do not know when done. And this makes many people anxious, stress to depressed because of the need to be careful and always be vigilant in doing activities at home and can't do a lot of things in the public space.

Day by day running of activities at home just because the government is running the Lockdown area, not only in Indonesia but in the entire country in this World, no exception.

Stress and anxiety prolonged make us have to get out of that situation by doing the activities that can make us focus on what we do. Many people do sports at home, meditation, gardening, sewing and even do a hobby that can be a waste of time so as not to get bored at home.

Like my husband, he likes to play the game and write, while I choose to garden hydroponics and also caring for houseplants.
It has been 2 years since I run the activities of gardening, making I can finally healing from a very boring activity every day.
Especially after getting to know the hive, I can also be a little bit of writing and pouring a sense of anxiety and bored when the only activities at home.

First, before the era of the pandemic and lockdown, when I want to add to the collection of plants, I would go into a new area which is famous with the center of the seller ornamental plants, located in Tanjung Morawa, Garden Madirsan, Deli Serdang. In Madirsan, many once the seller ornamental plants start of the plant are very cheap to very expensive.
However, such a moment does not allow to buy the plant directly to the site. I decided to buy a platform Tokopedia and buy in one of the merchant seller's ornamental plants.



It's been 6 months since I'm craving this plant. Because the price is not reasonable, I procrastinate until the hype of this plant is decreasing, so I can buy it at a price that fits your budget. Thankfully this plants down in price, with the price of 40,000 for an ornamental plant, Begonias Macullata.

The name of this plant, namely ‘Begonia Maculata’ or also often called the ‘Begonia Polkadot’. As you can see in the picture, this plant has a style that is very charming and unique. There are white spots on the base of the leaves, brownish-green, and very textured thick on the leaves. On the back of the leaves, you can see the color red that is very charming and very inversely proportional to the color of the leaves in the front.
And very lucky I am, on the trunk, 2 shoots will probably turn into a very beautiful leaf.



This plant will be very pretty when it is mature and the leaves will be very sturdy. I guess Begonia Macullata is still very young. But when I opened the package, the roots on this plant is very lush. So I don't need to worry about rotten at the root.


This plant is quite cheap and I'm very lucky. Because usually, the shipping will make the plant is wilting and the risk of death while on the move. However, due assisted by the seller of good in the packing, make this plant survived until the destination.

See you in the next one..


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