Photo reportage. The nature of the South Urals, beauty and Autumn


So Golden Autumn has come to us, giving a lot of colors.
Landscapes have changed, where there is so much beauty.
And for the photographer, the autumn time has come for work.


Such beautiful moments are not so common in nature.
Therefore, the photographer has to walk and search a lot.
In the surroundings, where there are forest and many lakes.


A landscape with reflections is always good for photography.
And the autumn landscape, where there are lakes on the water.
Such beautiful, fantastic and amazing reflections. The beauty!


Amazing nature and pine forest with so many trees.
What infinity is visible in this photo, it's just miracles.
And all this is like a gift from nature on this autumn day.


Silence, peace and there is absolutely no wind in the morning.
I just want to take pictures right and left to capture the beauty.
This is such a stroke of luck for a photographer and an artist.


Morning greeted with sunshine, giving shadows in the forest.
The beauty of nature, the beauty of landscapes for a photo.
What else do you need to do a lot of good creative work?


The water surface of the lake at this time is like a mirror.
Therefore, you need to take a lot of photos at once.
It's good that there was no wind blowing in the morning.


The lakes are very close and you just move from one to another.
Just a few steps and you are already in a different place.
Where you take a lot of new photos of nature and landscapes.


You just looked the other way, and there is another lake.
So you walk along the forest in search of new landscapes.
And there are many landscapes that appear through the lens.


Such an interesting place by the lake where you can dive.
Into the water from this bridge made of tree trunks.
They say that there used to be a bathhouse near the lake.


The pine forest is not only beautiful, but the air is especially clean.
It smells of pine resin and smells of some forest flowers.
I think that everyone always likes to visit the pine forest. So, friends?


And the last photo of this post is of course nature, beauty and lake.
In a fall landscape like this, it's such a beautiful cohesive theme.
I just wanted to show the beauty of the nature of our region.



For those who love more active outdoor recreation and tourism, as a traveler, there is always something available that a tourist relaxing on the beach will never see. These are new cities and nature reserves, beautiful landscapes and many views for the photographer. Therefore, I want to tell in my photo reportage about the beauty of the amazing nature of the South Urals. If someone does not know or did not know before this post, then it is here that the border between Europe and Asia is located. Many sights of the Southern Urals include the most beautiful and interesting places in the Chelyabinsk region. I will not talk about other regions of the Urals, because I live here, and I want to tell you about the beauty of our region (South Urals), where nature is magical, fantastic and fabulous in its beauty. Many in our country and in other countries of the world know about such places as Arkaim, Turgoyak, Taganay, Uvildy, Zyuratkul or our “Ural Switzerland” for tourists, and for those looking for natural resources it is “Ural Brazil”. Why? I have written about this more than once and I am thinking of making another big post. In short, our region has a name like "The Land of a Thousand Lakes". And this is indeed the case - we have so many lakes and rivers that I will not even list them. The area with its beauty every year attracts many tourists who want to see the beauty of nature and learn an amazing and rich history, which is many thousands of years old. Travelers are interested not only in forests and lakes, many people want to see some caves in the mountains or take part in rafting (rafting) along rough rivers. There are also many different routes for hikers - hiking, horseback riding, bicycles and cars. All this is possible, it would be a desire.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.


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