Photo reportage. Golden Autumn and mood of gray


So Golden Autumn has come, and the mood is gray.
The weather is cloudy, cold and wind on the river.
But the colors of autumn are still changing.


Golden leaves on trees and gray clouds in the sky.
And not so long ago we had summer and sun.
But all this has already remained far from us.


But the beauty of the landscapes is there in the fall.
River, mountains and leaden clouds in the sky.
For a photographer, this gray day is wonderful too.


Look how beautiful the photo was on this day.
The day when autumn came into its own.
The amazing beauty of nature is in front of us.


This is how the river looks like in its course.
The photo was taken from a high bank.
A beautiful panorama opens before your eyes.


View of the river water through large trees.
The photo of such a landscape is good.
Here, any of us is surrounded by beauty.


Autumn landscape, river and reeds.
An interesting and beautiful shot.
But the weather is already pretty cold.


The photo shows the road that leads to the river.
But for some reason this road ends at the river.
Although further along the river there is a path.


The final interesting photo on such a rustic theme.
There is a fence on the high bank by the river.
Just a beautiful autumn photo against the sky.


Amazing Natue Contest - September 2021 - #03


What is the autumn landscape for us - for those who really love nature? This is the time of the year when everyone can take for themselves moments of some kind of light sadness or even quiet joy when you are in nature. Poetic notes appear in your soul, or are you even ready to sing, although the weather may not be entirely warm and sunny. In addition, it's time for autumn - this is the very rare case of a real riot of colors that color nature, starting in September. Birches and poplars are covered with golden leaves. And all this is clearly visible in my photographs, where the autumn gold of the leaves was perfectly reflected against the background of the gray sky. Greenery in nature is becoming less and less, and the summer color is replaced by autumn yellow or gold paint. It is clear that any landscape gives us a certain mood. In the summer - this is one mood, where there is a lot of fun and joyful, but in the fall - this is the very sad and sometimes sad. Apparently, this is because something has already passed irrevocably and will not return (yesterday), except for the photos in your photo archive (today). This is my photo reportage about the first days of autumn in September.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.
(Translated via Google translator from Russian)

Photos posted by me are clickable.
They can be viewed in large size by clicking on the photo.

Photos were taken with the size of 2592 x 1944 pixels.
For insertion into a post on Ecency and Hive, the size is reduced to 1280 x 960 points..
Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.




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