Entry for the Amazing Nature Contest - June 2021 - #01


Amazing beauty of nature. Peony flower after rain.
Drops of water on the petals of a flower.
Macro photography.


Calendula flower and water drops on it.
The beauty of the world around us.
It has just rained.


Big drops of water and on flattery, like beautiful pearls.
They shimmer in the sun after rain.
It's like some kind of fantasy.


The Blue Bell is also just after the rain in front of us.
There are many drops of water on its petals.
My garden is in the countryside outside the city.


Peony flower and a very large drop of water on it.
Fantastic world of macro photography.
Secrets of nature.


Drops of water on the leaves of an Orange Daylily flower.
While at this time he still has no flowers.
Summer and rain.


Calendula flower in the sun after rain in the month of June.
There are small drops of water on the petals.
Beauty and Harmony of Nature.


Two drops of water on the petals of a flower after the first rain.
The beauty of flowers gives us inspiration every day.
The summer rain has passed.


These are such large drops of water on plant leaves.
The rain passed and left these drops of water.
The fabulous beauty of nature.


White Bell after the rain in my garden in a village outside the city.
Such a delicate and fragile beauty of a flower.
The amazing world is nearby.

Amazing Nature Contest - June 2021 - #01



The amazing beauty of nature and flowers after the rain, while we have a unique opportunity to penetrate into this secret environment for us using the macro photography genre. It is always very interesting to photograph flowers after rain, when there are still drops of water on them. And this is just a moment, as the water droplets can either dry quickly in the sun or be thrown to the ground by the wind. Therefore, the main task for the photographer is to have time to capture all this beauty of amazing nature in the frame. What does macro photography give us? By photographing in this genre, we can easily penetrate into the secret world of nature, where everything before that was in small size. And by using macro lenses on a photo camera, we increase what was previously completely invisible to our visual perception. The natural world appears, where there are fantastic flowers, creatures such as insects and other objects. The photographer's creativity in the genre of macro photography moves to a completely different level, where we see something new. Such an interesting macro world. Post written specifically for the Amazing Nature Contest - June 2021 - #01.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera Sony 16.2.

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Photos were taken with the size of 2592 x 1944 pixels.
For insertion into a post on Ecency and Hive, the size is reduced to 1280 x 960 points..
Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.


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