The beauty of nature around us -- Red December Ornamental Plants (Scadoxus multiflorus)

Hello everyone,,, Peace be upon you,,, and greetings to the beauty of the universe, I have come to write a contribution this week in the #AmazingNature Community, on this occasion I repeat a little that: Last night I read a post from admin @adalger about this week's contest ,,, and I am very interested in participating in it, This is my #entry, hopefully it fulfills the conditions applied.
The beauty of nature is something that we cannot buy with the wealth we have, and these past few weeks I have always been on an adventure to find the hidden beauty of this universe, be it the beauty of sunsets, sunrises, the beauty of mountains, and the beauty of flowers / ornamental plants that are around my environment of course.
The universe has taught me a lot about its beauty which is very meaningful for human life in this case, I will give one example on this occasion: maintaining ornamental plants in the yard of the house, for example. ...
Not a few in my environment who cultivate ornamental plants, besides being able to freshen the air we breathe every time, it turns out that it can be prospected for improving the household economy by selling various types of ornamental plants, this is one that is very valuable in our lives.
Likewise, in other categories related to natural medicines containing ornamental plants, our current knowledge is very minimal about natural medicines, because the era we are experiencing now is very minimal for this development,
I really agree if we as a generation in this digital age can trace things that have been lost so that we can bring them back with a reality and facts from the days of our grandmothers.
However, on this occasion I do not discuss this, but I will describe an ornamental plant that I found in my neighbor's yard, here is my explanation,

Before writing about this type of plant, let me first say hello??? Healthy greetings to all in this great community Amazing Nature I have to continue with the Millions of beauties of this universe that we need to bring to the surface

Happy greetings to all, adventures with nature have no end from me, and today I show you one type of plant that is no less interesting for me to bring to the surface of this beloved HIVE dapp and especially in this big #AmazingNature Community in particular.
The outdoors has taught us a lot with views, panoramas, conditions, habits and even thousands of knowledge we have obtained about it.
And on this very beautiful occasion, my fingers will continue to sway to inspire my hobby of writing here with the theme "Red December Ornamental Plants (Scadoxus multiflorus)"
As we all know that Indonesia is located in the middle of the equator and has two seasons, namely the rainy season and the dry season, this is the basis that I will discuss.
Regarding the name I made December Flowers, there is a reference from myself in this case: This type of ornamental plant thrives during the rainy season, So from that basis I gave the name with red December flowers,
Regarding December, I raise my name, this is because the rainy season in the Aceh-Indonesia area, the rainy season starts from July to December, I take the end of the rainy season, here is a little information from me regarding the name of this flower.

Red December Ornamental Plants




My description of the flowers that I attached above with a total of three pictures.
I took the three pictures using the Vivo cellphone camera and I edited it through the snapseed application.
As I wrote above that this type of plant thrives in tropical climates and is difficult to grow in snowy areas.
Regarding other things related to this type of plant, it is about the flowers, I can also explain, this explanation is certainly in accordance with the picture above.
Broadly speaking, I see it, the leaves and flowers often appear together, and the flowers are pointed like spikes.
According to an old man's statement at my place, this type of plant is poisonous, and is usually used for arrow poison. Arrows are used to shoot wild animals in the forest, this is additional information from me.
Regarding the length of the pointed flower, the flowers vary, but according to my estimation, the longest is +- 4 to 5 cm.
And it looks like the whole flower is shaped like a split ball, this is also according to the facts I drew above.

Leaves and stems of December flowers



It is clear and in accordance with my explanation above that flowers grow simultaneously and see my picture above when the flowers have not bloomed.
And the color of the stem of this flower is green, and a little hard, I can write this because I have held it.
Regarding the further discussion concerning the ornamental plants of Meren this December, below I will continue it.




Before we get into the Latin language / Scientific classificationedit, I first discuss about trees and their leaves.
The trunk is thick / large about 10-15 mm, or if I estimate in another way is the volume is the size of half a child of a marble, that's my estimate,
And the leaves are about 30 cm long and the width of the leaves is only about 4 cm which is the largest,
If I add that the color of the leaves is a light green color, and the tips are pointed, and the leaves are hairless / look clean shiny.
This is my brief explanation of this very beautiful flower, and I hope to add an explanation that is lacking from me from the admin (mod) regarding this type of flower.

Scientific classificationedit

Species:S. multiflorus

Source Scientific classificationedit

I only took the source only regarding Scientific classificationedit Only, while other details are written, purely my own thoughts by matching with my picture

See you in a very interesting nature for us to explore next ...

I am flattered if there are comments under this simple post ...



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