📷 Camogli Molo Esterno Lighthouse

Camogli Molo Esterno Lighthouse is located on a breakwater in the harbor of Camogli, Italy. The Ligurian Sea, on the coast of which the town is located, is relatively small, but ships still need lighthouse to safely enter the local small harbor. The lighthouse in its current form was built in 1950 and is periodically damaged by strong waves, but still stands and fulfills its task. On my trip to Italy, I devoted quite a bit of time to Liguria and I regret it quite a lot, since this seaside region is original and very, very picturesque.

It's better to watch the photo in high resolution.

Exposure time: 10 sec
Aperture: F 8
Sensitivity: ISO 64
Focal length: 40 mm
35 mm equivalent: 80 mm

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