Welcome to the Art Talk community

Hello and welcome the Art Talk community!

In 2018 shortly after joining Steem Hive I (@sjarvie5) started a series called Art Talk. Art and art history are some of my favorite subjects and by doing a series I had a platform to talk about all types of art. It has been a wonderful 3 years of art talk posts.

All Art Talk posts collection

With the development of communities in 2021 I am super excited to introduce the Art Talk community. This community will be a place for people from all over the world to share their pictures, thoughts and ideas about art.

Just this week (of the people I follow) @itchyfeetdonica, @laurabellamy, @fotostef, @soyrosa, @armandosodano, and @katrin-lux all posted about art.

@vesytz reblogged a really great post from @myfreshes about a 17 year old in Slavkova that had an installation addressing serious environmental and social problem of "fast fashion"

The following tags have been set up to help guide the discussion.

#architecture (while it is one of my favorite art styles I would suggest the awesome Architecture + Design community for architecture posts)
#arthistory (another of my favorites!)
#fiber (@soyrosa and @fotostef I know you both have great fiber art)
#painting (@armandosodano is a master painter)
#photography (there are so many photography communities, please post here if the post has to do with the art of the photograph or photographer!)

If there is a preferred topic you would like to see please let @sjarvie5 know.

Outstanding posts in each topic will be curated into a collection in the community.

It will be so wonderful to see all the Art Talk that happens in this community.

Special invite to ​@intrepidphotos, @vmoldo, @r00sj3, @scottshots, ​@liltammy @fotosdenada, abigail-dantes, @pixorama, livinguktaiwan, @mrsomebody, @heidimarie, @leaky20, @sharker, @lexiart, @eolinde, @aiparker, @trangbaby, @jarvie to subscribe and share your art or the art you see around you in this community.

I am also excited to find other art lovers on Hive, please come and feel welcome.

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