Finally completed university and left behind memories to remember for lifetime

A journey of 3 years of university ended so quick in a blink of an eye. I still remember the ackwardness i faced during our freshers when they asked me to sing a song. I joined a little late compared to my other classmates and as a result i faced problems making friends. I'm a bit introvert type of guy and it takes lot of time to be absolutely free with someone.

At first, it was a little difficult for me to socialize and i mostly used to sit alone, return home as soon as the lecture was over. Slowly communication started building and at the end when it's finally over we ended up being good friends.




In my childhood, i studied far from home and stayed in hostel. So there were no friends of mine when i joined my local university. I knew no one. 1st year of university is quite tough as i couldn't communicate with my classmates and my teachers as well, bunked classes and didn't attend much lecture at all. I dont suggest anyone to do the same though. Things started to become better when next batch of students came in and we had to arrange freshers for them. I'll also add the time during sports when i came to know many people from the campus. I was good in sports and that helped people commuunicating with me in friendly way.


This picture was from a trip i went with my seniors. From very beginning i like to travel and as seniors were in their last days of university , they organized a trip. Everyone from my class refused to go but i said yes to the trip! I was the only junior in that trip jejejee....

This was the time we went to buy books for our mid sem or so.... I couldn't remember 😬😬. While returning we thought to walk by this place as it was considered sacred place by hindu religion. Also one of my friend fell in love with one of these girl, so he decided to spend some time more 😁😁😁.


This was from a birthday party of a girl and also the time she recently had her breakup and wanted to drink to numb her pain lol😆😆😆. Hope this don't go out😆😆

1st year was tough but remaining 2 years went so fast. It feels like yesterday and now ita nothing but memories. As covid rose and all Universities were close for almost a year we didn't get much time to see or even say good bye. Different one will go different way to follow their goal, passion but hope they keep in touch.

This is the last meetup captured and still some are missing in the frame.
University life is joyful and with lot of adventures in our life but now its time to get serious to what should be done to make our future happier and healthier.

That's all for now, stay safe and make lige happier by doing what your heart says and makes you happy. Thanks for reading my post and will upload my next post soon. Till that, keep loving, and supporting .


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