An Ecency Art contest! 100 HBD and 10000 POINTS!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love @Ecency and I have been using the phone app from the very beginning, over 4 years ago. You can download the app to your phone at Google Playstore. Today @Ecency is so much more than just a mobile app and you owe it to yourself to take a look at

Image created by @seckorama

I thought it would be fun to host a contest featuring Ecency Art. Ecency has very generously agreed to provide the prizes and help our contest judge @barbara-orenya with the judging.

šŸ”†1st Place- 40 HBD and 4000 POINTS

šŸ”† 2nd Place- 30 HBD and 3000 POINTS

šŸ”†3rd Place- 20 HBD and 2000 POINTS

šŸ”† 2 Honorable mentions will receive 5 HBD and 500 POINTS

The rules are simple.

āž”ļø Join and post into the FeelGood Community hive-190931(the clickable banner below will take you there) and use the tag #artecency

āž”ļø Create original art, videos, memes. banners or a collage CELEBRATING , PROMOTING , THANKING , or INVITING others to use @Ecency and tell us something about creating your art, or something you love about Ecency. All Entries are required to have a minimum of 100 words.

āž”ļø Post your link below so that we don't miss seeing it! You may enter more than once, but please create a separate post for each entry.

You can find the public Ecency resources HERE

The deadline will be in one week when this post pays out.



Thanks to @seckorama for creating the art for this post!

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Feel Good community by @barbara-orenya



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