Mobile 3.0.20 - Community tags, bug fixes and major stack updated

Just quick update about our recent release on Ecency mobile apps and work we have been doing.


Shortly after release we discovered dark mode wasn't setting correctly on each app restart, we have fixed it and plan on doing another release in a day or two with other additions. With new update on base of application (React native), we can now more accurately detect bugs and solve issues that's hard to detect.

What's new

  • Community tags visible on Feeds
  • Update on bug reporting service, Bugsnag
  • React native update from 0.61.5 to 0.63.4
  • Startup crash on some devices
  • Leaderboard api fix
  • Renderer update
  • Languages update
  • Parsing json on comment edits fix
  • Font size decrease a bit
  • Voting time bug fix
  • Many other bug fixed and improvements

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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