My african crown- my hair

Hello ladies of hivešŸ¤— I am utibeimaabasi and this is the first time I am posting on this community. I am a Nigerian and I would love to talk n my hair.


One if the most fun and most stressful thing is taking care of my hair in it's natural form. Few years ago by hair was in it relaxed or retouched form the I later transitioned( i.e leaving the undergrowth to grow over the relaxed part of hair) it to the natural, the transition took about two year and due to type of hair it was growing slowing. I have 4c type of hair which means it tangles easily, breaks often, shrinks when water touches it, difficult to comb etc. You could imagine going through all those stress to keep your hair clean and prevent lice from entering.


My hair is 2 and a half years fully natural and these are the two major things I have done to keep the hair growing healthy.
The african threading- this is a protective hairstyles as well as pulling your hair out. It has been a traditional hairstyle down here for young and old and it helps your hair grow healthy. So once in three months I try threading.


The next one is the rice water hair treatment. This particular one grows the hair, moisturizes as conditions the hair as well. Here a few cup of rice is added into water and kept overnight or for a day before use.
So I normally do the rice water treatment in washing my hair then do the african threading. Then apply my shea butter cream which improves the texture of my hair....



My hair is bulky and full and it takes a lot of energy to do this routine. But I am hoping with time that the hair grow longer.

Now what's your type of hair and how do you manage it?
What protective styles do you use for your hair too
Good morningšŸ¤—

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