Eternal Blockchain Challenge

@edprivat started the #eternalblockchain challenge! And I found out about it at @lizelle's blog.

Here's the deal:

A lot of new people have arrived lately on Hive, and it was a good occasion for everyone to remember their first time on the blockchain. So I am starting the Eternal Blockchain Challenge, and the concept is simple:

  • Find one of your first posts on the blockchain, or a memory that you cherish here that is at least one year old.
  • Review it, react to it on video if you want. Tell us what changed since the post, share also your improvements, your aspirations, and what makes you cringe.
  • Post it on Hive and nominate 2 persons.
  • You don't have to be nominated to participate.
  • Use the tag #eternalblockchain.

  • Before anything lest I forget, I nominate @thekittygirl and @kaerpediem to join this challenge. And if @kerrislravenhill is inclined to join, I do know that she will be busy this week!

    ♥.•:¨¨:•.♥.•:The Beginning:•.♥.•:¨¨*:•.♥

    Late in 2015 I uploaded my first video on YouTube which catapulted me to silver and gold stacking. Then in 2017, I came over here!

    This is my original post: An Introduction: SilverSaver888

    There are great tutorials and guides available to make blogs stand out, but did I use them? My learning curve was so steep! I always wanted to quit (up to now I want to quit, hehe).

    But... true to myself, I just kept plugging along!

    ♥.•:¨¨:•.♥.•:Where am I now:•.♥.•:¨¨*:•.♥

    When before I was posting100% (well, 98%) metals, now I only post about metals every other day. Although my blog was originally devoted to sharing my journey in saving precious metals, just like many of you, my interests are many and varied.

    Last year, I founded the Ladies of Hive community which to date has a membership of 1,810. I am ably joined by @thekittygirl and by a group pf movers and shakers: @kerrislravenhill, @melinda010100, @elizabethbit, @brittandjosie, @joanstewart, @kaerpediem, and @saffisara.

    And to celebrate our one year in Hive, I started to issue LADY(LOH) tokens just by posting in the Ladies of Hive front end.

    ♥.•:¨¨:•.♥.•:What makes me cringe:•.♥.•:¨¨*:•.♥

    There is only one thing that makes me cringe. It is when people make a judgement of you.

    Best Regards,


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