My Favorite Childhood Memory - Ladies Of Hive Contest #35

Hello Ladies Of Hive! Hope you all are having a great day. This will be my first time participating in the Ladies of Hive contest and I was so excited about the contest topic so I couldn't miss out on it.

When I saw the topic "My Favorite Childhood Memory/Memories" it got me thinking back to my past memories since I was a child even though I couldn't remember all but I tell you this, it was a mixture of feelings thinking about those memories both the good happy memories and the bad hurtful ones.

Memories are what either us happy or sad when we think about them. We save memories in our hearts as long as we live, this is why we have to find ways to keep making good memories and also give others good memories to hold unto.


I have so many good childhood memories that if I start sharing them here, time won't allow me but there's a memory that I have never for once forgotten and I will never forget as it marked a great change in my life since I was a child. It may not be a regular kind of childhood memory but it is a memory I hold so dear in my heart even in so many years to come.

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I was born in a family of five, having two siblings and I being the eldest child. We were happy as I could remember until my mum left us when I turned six, it was so traumatic for me, my dad and my siblings. I wouldn't want to say how we were able to cope then but her memories never left me not to talk of how my siblings felt back then.

I even tried to forget her which was near impossible for me as I always wished to see her again and maybe find out why she left us. Well, here comes my favorite childhood memory.

That memory is the day my mum came back to look for us and she found us.
It may not seem as a good memory as I put it in writing but that day, a day I got to see my mum again have always made me smile anytime I think about it. You won't even believe it that I forgot all about the hurt she had caused us and I didn't even bother asking her why she left, the fact that she was with us once again after six years was a memory I would always keep in my heart.


That memory has remained my favorite childhood memory amidst the other wonderful memories I have in my heart and I hope I get to share them here someday.

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