I Fell in Love with Fall


I’ve been born, raised and been living in the Philippines all my life. I’ve been basking in the tropical dreams others could only dream of. Because of this, I never imagined that I’d be able to experience fall.

That’s why it was a very magical experience when my now husband and I traveled to Korea in November 2018. We finally witnessed fall firsthand.

Out of that experience, I can say that my favorite part of fall is the treasure trove of feelings it evokes. Feelings are hard to describe, but I try to break them down below.

Posing for a photo under the trees in Olympic Park. The fiery red leaves were so mesmerizing. The hot colors were in contrast with the cold. I couldn't take my gloves off for long periods even though I was having a hard time operating my phone because my hands would feel numb due to the cold weather.

The burst of colors does things to my heart. The fiery reds in the leaves, as well as the transition into orange and gold, make me feel hopeful. The colors say: yes the leaves will die, and they will fall, but not without a fight. The leaves go out in style; with the surefire promise that they will be back.

An early morning stroll in Haneul Park, Korea, 2018.

The cold autumn wind and the chill in the air does the opposite, because fall makes me think of warm hugs and hot chocolate. Instead of the fear of freezing, I think of fire--a reassuring flame that the love of my life’s embrace will be enough to brave the cold.

NAMI ISLAND, Korea, 2018. This is perhaps one of my favorite photos of us, @thejoeprocess. If any of you reading this have been to Nami Island, you would know how very touristy it is and photos can be expectations vs reality. At the time we took this, this area was swarming with tourists! But for some reason, when we set up our tripod and camera and went to pose, all those tourists made way to give us this perfect shot. ❤

Nami Island, Korea, 2018. You don't need a professional photographer or a third person to take your couple photos. As long as you have a decent surface or tripod and some no-shame posing and acting skills, you can pull it off.

Finally, the soft haze during fall is a sight to behold because it paints the world differently. As if viewed through a camera filter, the surroundings soften. It’s not something you can find in a tropical country that’s basically limited to rain-or-shine weather. That experience left me in awe.

In fact, all these fall photos are #nofilter. The soft autumn haze is a natural filter in itself!

Witnessing the fall season for the first time will always be one of my favorite memories.

Just me reflecting on the blessing of being in Seoul at the fall-winter transition.

This is my first time joining a @ladiesofhive challenge and this is my entry to the Ladies of Hive Community Challenge #50. I would like to invite ate @gwenfinity who may be interested in joining this challenge. 😊

Thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

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