My Mobile Phone Is Pretty Important To Me!

Hello everyone! We have another set of fun questions to reflect and write on for the Ladies Of Hive Community Contest #54. I will be answering the first question.

What Is The Most Important Thing That You Always Carry With You And Why?

To answer this question, I did a little thinking. I was almost going to say it's my handbag because I carry it with me almost everywhere I go and it's important to me because it's able to hold all the necessary things I need on the go like my wallet, keys, some cash, phone, some makeup, etc.

Then on second thought, it occurred to me that there are places I sometimes go and I don't carry my handbag along but I MUST carry my phone with me.'s settled. My phone is the most important thing I carry with me everywhere I go except the toilet of course. Ever since I read that germs get attached easily to the phone surface, I don't take my phone with me there.


About 18 years ago, it was not like this. Then my handbag would have been the most important thing I carry. Now, our world is so technologically advanced that we have become too reliant on our mobile devices. Phones have been structured in such a way that it meets most of our daily needs.


Thanks to my phone, the world is now a global village and I can reach any of my friends and family, no matter where they are with just a dial of my phone. It helps to maintain contact and even when a person cannot be found for whatever reason, the GPS on the phone helps trace and find the person.

Music And Books

I love reading and listening to music. With my phone, I can access any of the songs saved on my playlist, connect my earpiece and be in my world.


Also, my eReader app —Moon+ Reader Pro makes it easy for me to download any type of books and read. I don't have to lug around big paperback or hardcover books. This app makes it convenient to form my elibrary and stock it with books that I can access anytime of the day.

Cashless Transactions

A device that enables me to make payments for goods and services without having to carry cash around is pretty important. No day goes by that we don't buy and sell, as such, my phone makes it easy for me to transfer money anywhere I go. Therefore, I must have my phone with me at all times!

Photos And Videos

Ah, the convenience of taking pictures without lugging around a compact camera.


That's why I like my phone. I just raise it up a little and click away and the pictures roll in. An easy way to capture the beauty around me. Also, I sometimes use my phone to record videos but not often.

I could go on and on about the importance of a mobile phone from jotting down notes to using it as a road map, thanks to Google Maps, to checking the time and also as a flashlight! It is the most important thing I carry with me daily.

This is my entry to the Ladies Of Hive Community Contest. I invite @dreemsteem, @esther-emmanuel and @teknon to participate.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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