Ladies of hive #107

Hi ladies,

Ohhh these are fun!! 💕 I really love this, and just to think about this makes me smile and feel some kind of satisfaction. What am I talking about? Of course the weekly Ladies of Hive Contest

For this week, we want to know:

1️⃣ If you were a ghost and could possess people, what would you make them do?

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Hmmm where am I going to start, there is so much I can think up right now! It's impossible to tell you all the things, and I'm sure that I will think up more things later, after posting of course. But okay, here we go!

Did I ever tell you that I am a dreamer?

If I were a ghost, I would pump peace into all the great world leaders, so that we as humans AND animals may live together in peace 💖. At the same time, I would make sure that everyone is aware of the fact that we have this earth 🌏 on loan, and that That we must stop abusing this earth. Which would also mean less people on this planet, conservation of forests and planting them, smarter use of water, nature, and everything this mother earth has to offer us.

War would no longer exist, weapons would only be used for useful use, and only by those who would have a license to do so, such as agents and conservationists.

I think that if the population decreased, a lot of problems would be solved, such as poverty for example. Because if we treat nature better, growing crops in an organic way and there were fewer people, there would be enough food for everyone . I would also try to do something about housing. Such as allowing more Tiny House communities, living at a holiday park for those who are interested in this. The houses that became available would have to be refurbished by the governments and made energy neutral so that the next generations can also live on this earth.

You see, that I would have a busy night job when I was a ghost. Visiting all the people, I would need to implement my ideas in their mind. But yeah, if I would succeed, it would be great.

I know... it's an illusion that this will ever happen, but one can dream. I'm not a ghost yet, but I'll try to remember this for when that time comes.

And yes, even though I have all those wonderful ideas that are especially peaceful, I also have a little devilish streak in me. And that little devilish trait, after my busy tasks of working on world leaders, would also leave me haunted by people who have hurt me a lot in the past. I would let these people feel what they did to me. I'd make them change completely, and make them apologize to anyone they've ever hurt in any way. All day long they would run around shouting "Sorry" to everyone. I'd make them the most obliging people you've ever seen. But not before I also made them do stupid things that would make them totally embarrassing themselves.

2️⃣ What are your most important rules when you go on a date?

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It really has been a while since I was dating, and I hope to never be in that position again, unless I plan a date with my current partner. Lol.

Honesty and an Open mind!

The most important rules are honesty with each other, openness and wanting to give each other a chance. Maybe he / she is not your type at first sight, that is possible and allowed, but maybe after a good conversation he / she is someone who is on the same page with you. 💘

You see, I didn't have many rules with dating, and I certainly don't have any. It's all because I've never dated much. I got to know my current partner at work, and in the past I got to know my partners at night out where we used to get together in groups.

Real dates where you go out to dinner one-on-one or do other things, I've never really done. At least, no...I can't even remember it that way. If they have already been there, I have forgotten them and they were not very impressive.

But the way I got to know my partner(s) means that I never had to seriously think about 'rules' for dating.

Thank you!

I'm curious how other people do that! And I'm also curious about other witty stories. I hope you enjoyed my contribution. Thank you for another great contest this week. See you soon!

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