Starting to get familiar with textile sculpture


Dear Ladies of Hive,
this is my first post in this community.
I had long wanted to start textile sculpting as a creative activity, but I had neither material nor time. Now I dived into the "deep water," or rather the textile glue, and I "stuck" well to this genre. I started yesterday afternoon and stopped at night. Because it can never be finished! 😁

This is my first piece, a pencil holder,made of textile and yarns sticked on a can, painted with metallic acrylic paints.

Since I had no practice, I only saw a few youtube videos of them dipping the textile into the glue and then applying it. Well, that’s how I started, which resulted in everything that could be moved - the tiny seeds, down, yarn, and even my hair stuck to my hand. Then I didn’t feel funny that my mom was just calling on the phone and asking why I wasn’t vaccinating against coronavirus.
Looking back on last night, I can only laugh now...

This is my second one, textile, cut pine cones, oak cobs, seeds sticked on glass jar, painted with metallic acrylic paints. In this case I didn't dip the textile in glue but used a brush to apply the glue.




Look, how beautiful texture details! I really love it!




So much for now, but I’ll be better prepared later with phase photos. I hope the phone I’m taking photos with doesn’t stick to my hand! Now I'm going out to pick acorns.

P.s: the background for the photos is an old denim skirt. i don't know yet if I'll wear it or it will be a textile sculpture.

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