Welcome To Beatzchain


I would like to welcome you all to the official Beatzchain community where rappers and producers can get together and benefit from the power of blockchain technology. This is where Beatzchain begins we are the first Hip-Hop hub on the Hive blockchain! Feel free to post your best music. I plan to start a new app "dapp" all artists can use to get an edge on their career through curation, and exploration through the Hive blockchain a better social media platform decentralized from trackers just trying to sell you things! Not only that we are in a sector where you can set yourself for the long term with cryptocurrency where you can do many things for yourself from trading, and growing.

With Beatzchain we'll support musicians through marketing your brand, collaborations, self publishing, and benefiting more for what we all work for. Beatzchain is pushing to dominate the corruption of the music industry and social media that will never give the underdogs of music what they deserve unless they're found. This is where everything begins from here we all have a lot of work to do!

Come in and join Beatzchain through the Hive blockchain and thrive more!! created/hive-123620

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